Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening allows us to lighten the colour of your teeth. This technique consists of using a whitening agent that is activated by a light source.

Our dentists in Valleyfield use a device that projects a concentrated beam of light to apply the whitening product. By emitting heat, the light source activates the carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide product.

With this application method, the whitening effects are noticeable after about one hour, which is much quicker than with at-home solutions. In order to help the effects of the whitening treatment last longer, the dentist gives the patient whitening trays which can then be used to do touch-ups at home after six months, and then one year later.

Before proceeding to a whitening treatment, it is important that your teeth be healthy and free of cavities.

Get your teeth whitened in Valleyfield and go home with a dazzling smile!