Orthodontics in Valleyfield

Orthodontic treatment is recommended for people of all ages whose bad positioning of teeth, such as teeth that overlap, can lead to the development of gum disease or cavities.

The principle of orthodontics is to apply a considerable and continuous force to the teeth in order to put them back in the right place. This technique favours chewing, phonation, breathing, swallowing, and growth, which could be hindered by a bad positioning of the teeth. It’s important that the force exerted be gentle and constant so that it doesn’t weaken the jaw.

Our dentists adapt their techniques depending on the patient to offer each one the best possible treatment for their needs. They may choose among four techniques: traditional braces, invisible orthodontics, clear or white braces, or removable dental appliances. Orthodontic appliances have evolved over the years, and are now much more discreet.

Our dentists in Valleyfield will work with you to help you get straighter, whiter teeth.