General dentistry

The health of your teeth is important. That’s why our team of dentists and dental hygienists offer all the essential services for maintaining optimal oral health.

We offer dental hygiene services such as tartar removal and polishing, as well as dental exams with or without x-rays. Dental exams help us diagnose and prevent tooth decay, as well as oral diseases.

We also offer common treatments such as root canals and fillings. Dental fillings allow us to repair any holes left by cavities, or give a tooth its shape and function back in case of more serious decay and fractures. Our goal is to satisfy your dental needs and make your visit to the dentist’s office as enjoyable as possible.

Our meticulous and experienced hygienists use the best equipment and instruments to do their work. They stride to make you comfortable, and do their best to answer all your questions. The key to healthy teeth is a solid follow-up by your dentist.

Trust our dentists and hygienists in Valleyfield!