Dental prostheses

Dental prostheses are used to replace missing teeth. At Dent à Vie in Valleyfield, we can install removable dentures (dentures and partials). It is important not to neglect your oral hygiene after getting dentures fitted to avoid cavities.

There are two types of dental prostheses: crowns, which are an artificial replacement of the crown of the damaged tooth, and bridges, which replace the missing tooth by gripping onto the adjacent teeth. Fixed prostheses can be metallic, ceramo-metallic or completely ceramic. Dentists usually recommend fixed prostheses for broken or damaged teeth.

Removable prostheses, also known as dentures, are used to replace several teeth and rest in part on the remaining teeth, the gum, and the bone underneath. There are removable dental prostheses on a metallic frame, which are inexpensive and lightweight; resin prostheses, which are recommended for temporary use; and complete dentures for people who have no more teeth at all.

It will be a pleasure for our dentists in Valleyfield to give you advice on the best solutions for you, and care for your teeth.