Dental implants in Valleyfield

Dental implants are a type of screws that act as artificial roots, and are inserted into the bone to replace a missing tooth. Our dentists in Valleyfield have the necessary implantology skills to perform this technique safely.

If you are in good health, your dentist will take x-rays and assess whether your jawbone can support an implant. If the treatment is appropriate, you will be offered this solution, which can give you a more natural-looking smile.

The dentist will then proceed to an exam four to six months after installing the dental implants and if everything is in order, a dental prosthesis or crown will be placed.

A dental implant is more discreet and comfortable than removable dentures. The patient will enjoy more stability when chewing, and feel like the teeth are this own. Plus, this process allows to better preserve the jawbone and keep any existing teeth healthy. Dental implants are usually painless and take up the same space as natural teeth. They look very similar, too!

The success rate of this intervention is over 90%. If it fails, another implant can be installed a few months later.

Trust the professionals at Dent à Vie in Valleyfield for your dental implants.