Crown and bridge placement

The crown is the part of the tooth that sticks out above the gum line. It is covered with a hard substance called tooth enamel. Placing a crown involves a dental prosthesis, which protects the tooth, whether it is still living or not. It covers the remaining portion of the tooth by recreating the crown in order to protect it from new aggressions, all the while avoiding extraction and complete replacement.

There are several types of crowns: they can be made of ceramic, cobalt-chrome, nickel-chrome or precious metal. Ceramic and precious metal crowns offer the best guarantee against allergy risks.

At Dent à Vie, we offer this treatment to people whose teeth are discoloured or damaged. Particularly large cavities, or a tooth that is damaged or fractured may require a crown.

A bridge is an artificial tooth placed after an extraction if there is at least one tooth on both sides of the missing one. The advantages of this procedure are its speed of execution (it takes just one or two appointments), the look, and the materials used.

Treat your dental problems at Dent à Vie and take advantage of our crown and bridge placement services.